Generation Heros, Statement of Principles


Media, books, movies, artists influence our society by simply choosing the subjects they choose to validate. These topics occupy our thoughts and feed our thinking, while other less popular ones are forgotten about despite the fact that they deal with topics where people's lives are dangerously compromised ! ... Read more

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In a democratic society, influence is the most powerful tool of change that citizens can take advantage of. By grouping ourselves around a common project, our support strength becomes sufficiently newsworthy. The topic then captures attention, stimulates thinkingand favors the projected outlook. ... Read more


Generation Hero's mission is to stimulate more people to take a stand and come together effectively to influence and to take concrete measures to help disadvantaged children inthe Francophone world.


I support the mission of Generation Heroes and believe that it is the duty of every citizen, business and government to help promote :

A- sustainable development, by giving priority to the survival of the world's children, without discrimination or ideological constraint ;

B- children's rights as recognized by the International Convention of the Right of Children signed in 1989 by 191 countries ;

C- assistance, volunteering and conscious purchasing as having positive social, economic and political consequences.



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View here some touching testimonials from business men and citizen who are contributing to the Statement of principles Generation Hero.

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Visit the Sois Un Heros website to find a bunch of informations about the movement (French Only).

Also visite our Generation Hero web magazine including interesting articles on the real impacts we have on the field with the help of participating organizations (French Only).

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